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Who we are

Creekside Montessori provides a peaceful and safe learning environment that develops the “Whole Child.” Through the Montessori Curriculum, Monthly Unit Studies, Music Appreciation and Outside Classroom, your child will be learning throughout the "Whole Day!" This is the key to the development of the  “Whole Child.”

Montessori Method


Throughough the entire Montessori environment, the child hears and is encouraged to use precise vocabulary. The language materials first introduce the child to the marvelous 26 letters of the alpahebet and their phonestic sounds, which later enables the child to begin building words, sentences and whole stories using the moveable alpahabet.


The young child naturally has a mathematical mind. They have the capacity to reason, to calculate, and to estimate. The mathematics materials asset the child in developing their mathematical skills.

Practical Life

Practical Life materials and exercises develop coordination, concentration, organization, and independence while achieving skills tocare for themselves and the environment.


The Sensorial materials provide a range of activities and exerscises for the child to explore. The Montessori materials help the child in learning to differentiate between sizes, shapes, sounds, colors, textures, and taste.

Cultural Studies

Through Monthly Unit Studies, taught in a "traditional structured group setting", your child will be introduced to the study of Science, History, Geography, Art, and Music. Each month your child's classroom will Explore, Discover, and Learn about different Unit Studies, such as: Life Cycles, Plant Life, our World, the Solar System, the Five Food Groups, our Five Senses, Dental Hygience, the Heart, Cultural Traditions, celebration of Holidays, and many more!

School Meal Plan


Children who arrive before 8:00am may bring their breakfast to school

Lunch (Bring)

You may bring your child's lunch and beverage in a lunch box with an ice pack. Please label your child's lunch box with their first and last name. Microwaves are located in every classroom for teh teachers to warm up lunches.

Lunch (Buy)

You also have the option to purchase lunch for $4.00 each. Our lunch program is catered by Little Fingers, a catering service to serve children!

Extra Curricular Activities

All instructors have been fingerprinted and cleared through the Department of Social Services and meet the requirements to be on the premises. All payments are made directly to the company providing the Extra Curricular Activities. If you would like your child to participate in any activities offered please see the front office for enrollment forms.

Keyboard Lessons

Our keyboarding classes introduce the piano to students ages 3-6. In a small group setting, each child is provided a keyboard. Children learn songs, note reading, ear training and are able to sing along! Music participation enhances self-expression, memory skills, concentration, and coordination. Also, through music education, students are able to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Active Youth

These 30 minute classes are designed to encourage your child to be active! Students will learn age appropriate exersises that focuses on balance, hand-eye coordination, injury prevention, strength, and endurance.


Our students will be immersed in learn the basics of spanish through song and speech.

Tutu Time

Our tutu class will give our students the opportunity to dance and learn how to balance, improve their rhythmic flow, and have some fun!


An enrollment package must be fully completed for school admission.
The enrollment package must be picked up from the front office during a pre-admission meeting with office.


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